Crash Barriers

Collisions between forklift trucks and racking systems are common in busy warehouses. Implementing protective measures is essential to reduce damage, costs and operational interruptions.

The most vulnerable frames of any racking system are those at the front and back of the scheme, and at the entry of each aisle (known as the end frames). Rack end barriers from KDL protect these frames.

Ground level rail

This is a simple rail with welded end caps that runs continuously around the base of a racking system. Ground level rails are cost effective and offer a high degree of protection.

Square rack end barrier


A strong fabricated barrier made from thick rolled hollow section (RHS). It has two horizontal rails, one at floor level. The floor rail guards the end frame against protruding forks and pallets. The top rail is purposely low to avoid providing too much of a lever when hit. This reduces the likelihood of a heavy impact tearing the barrier out of the floor.

Round rack end barrier

This is similar to the square rack end barrier, but fabricated from 89mm diameter CHS tubular section. Elegant and attractive, it is ideal for applications where appearances count.

Column protectors

Column protectors guard the bottom 400mm of end frame uprights. Made from thick steel, they offer a high level of protection at a low cost. KDL offers various designs to suit different upright and bottom beam configurations.