Pallet Racking

There are a number of  different types of Pallet Racking systems available and it is important that you identify which system will best suit your business needs. Please take the time to look at the information we have provided and if you are unsure or have any questions you can contact us via telephone (01670 738880) or alternatively contact us via email.

The right pallet racking system can help you to:

  • Maximise storage space.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce the rick of damage to palletised stock
  • Manage stock control
  • Fast access to stored goods


Pallet Racking Alternative Configurations

Pallet racking can be arranged in a number of different configurations, depending upon your storage, speed of throughput and stock accessibility requirements:

As always if you are unsure and need some more information please contact us via email or call 01670 738880.